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Lifetime: 1869 - 1943 Passed: ≈ 81 years ago





Terrot R. Glover

Terrot Reaveley Glover was a Cambridge University lecturer of classical literature. He was a fellow of St John's College, Cambridge. He was also a Latinist, and is known for translating Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses to Latin.

Glover was born in Bristol where his father, the Rev. Richard Glover, was minister of Tyndale Baptist Church.

Glover worked as a lecturer for nearly 20 years. He also wrote some widely known books, including The Jesus of History and Poets and Puritans. He was a Public Orator of Cambridge University between 1920 and 1939, until he was succeeded by W. K. C. Guthrie.

Glover was a Baptist and attended St Andrews Street Baptist Church in Cambridge, where his friend Melbourn Aubrey was minister until 1925. Aubrey recalled that for Glover "the Old Testament came to have less and less value and in his last years he appeared to resent ministers taking texts or even lessons from it." Glover had six children. He conducted services in Appleton chapel at Harvard University on 19 December 1923 while visiting the university.

Books by Terrot R. Glover

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The Jesus of History

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This book answers many questions on the history of the times, how the advancement of Christianity could take on such an unfathomable abundance at lightening speed, and it tackles the horrendous difference between Christianity and all other religions.