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Lifetime: 1856 - 1935 Passed: ≈ 88 years ago





Thomas Whittaker

Thomas Whittaker was an English metaphysician and critic.

Whittaker was educated at Dublin Royal College of Science and Exeter College, Oxford. He was an editor of the journal Mind (1885-1891). He won a Natural Science scholarship at Exeter College. From 1910 he was director of the Rationalist Press Association.

Whittaker was an advocate of the Christ myth theory. He was influenced by the writings of Willem Christiaan van Manen and J. M. Robertson.

Books by Thomas Whittaker

The Origins of Christianity  Cover image

The Origins of Christianity

Literary Criticism Christianity Antiquity Jesus Origin

In this book, Thomas Whittaker outlines the arguments of van Manen for an English-speaking audience. Van Manen’s work is not now generally known, but his views obtained notoriety by the articles and books that he wrote, in which he maintained that no...