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Lifetime: 1865 - 1895 Passed: ≈ 128 years ago





Tom Maguire

Tom Maguire was a British socialist, trade union organiser and poet from Leeds.

Maguire was born to an Irish immigrant family in the poverty-stricken Bank area of Leeds. As a young boy he sang in the choir at St Anne's Church where he was noted for his 'musical voice and poetic tongue'. He received part of his education at Sunday school. Growing up he showed appreciation of his Irish heritage and immersed himself in the music and literature. He was drawn to Romantic poets, such as Shelley and Keats, and began writing his own poetry around this time.

After leaving school, he took a job as a photographer's assistant.

Books by Tom Maguire

Machine-Room Chants Cover image

Machine-Room Chants

Poems Narrative Socialism Beliefs

Tom Maguire was a trade union organiser from Yorkshire of Irish descent whose poetry reflects his socialist beliefs. This volume was published posthumously in 1895 and includes prefatory commemorative remarks by Keir Hardie and John Bruce Glasier.