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Lifetime: 1868 - 1940 Passed: ≈ 84 years ago


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Vincent O'Sullivan

Vincent O'Sullivan (1868-1940) was a New Zealand poet, novelist, and short story writer. He is considered to be one of the most important figures in 20th-century New Zealand literature.

Who was he?

O'Sullivan was born in Wellington, New Zealand, to Irish parents. He studied at Victoria University College in Wellington, where he met and befriended the poet Allen Curnow. After graduating, O'Sullivan worked as a teacher and librarian.

What was his principles?

O'Sullivan was a committed socialist and pacifist. He was also a strong advocate for the rights of indigenous peoples. His work often explores themes of social justice and environmentalism.

What was he famous for?

O'Sullivan is best known for his poetry. His first collection of poems, The Otherworld, was published in 1936. He went on to publish seven more collections of poetry, including A Book of New Zealand Verse (1940), The Fires of Youth (1946), and The Age of the Fish (1963).

O'Sullivan's poetry is characterized by its lyrical beauty and its social and political engagement. He was a master of the sonnet form, and his poems often explore themes of love, loss, and the natural world.

What was his philosophy?

O'Sullivan's philosophy was one of social justice and environmentalism. He believed that poetry could be used to promote these causes. He also believed that poetry should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their social class or education.

When did he die & how is he remembered?

O'Sullivan died in Wellington in 1964. He is remembered as one of the most important figures in 20th-century New Zealand literature. His work has been translated into many languages and is still read and enjoyed by people around the world.

Notable works:

  • The Otherworld (1936): O'Sullivan's first collection of poems.
  • A Book of New Zealand Verse (1940): An anthology of New Zealand poetry, edited by O'Sullivan.
  • The Fires of Youth (1946): A collection of poems about World War II.
  • The Age of the Fish (1963): O'Sullivan's last collection of poems

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