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Wallace D. Wattles

Writer, Spiritual Teacher

Country:United States

Lifetime: 1860 - 1911 Passed: ≈ 111 years ago

Wallace D. Wattles was an American New Thought writer and spiritual teacher who is best known for his book The Science of Getting Rich. Born in Illinois in 1860, Wattles spent much of his life studying and writing about spirituality and personal development.


Wattles's principles of life and money centered on the power of positive thinking and the use of visualization and other mental techniques to achieve financial success. He believed that individuals could attract wealth and prosperity into their lives by focusing their thoughts and energies on the things they wanted to achieve. This belief is similar to the concept of the "law of attraction," which holds that like attracts like and that individuals can attract positive or negative experiences into their lives based on their thoughts and beliefs.


His book The Science of Getting Rich, which has sold millions of copies and remains popular today. In this book, he outlines his principles for achieving financial success and argues that individuals can create the life they want by focusing their thoughts and actions on their goals.


Wattles's personal life is not well documented, and little is known about his relationships or personal circumstances. He died in 1911 at the age of 51. It is not clear what the cause of Wallace Wattles' death was. According to some sources, he died in 1911 at the age of 54, while others state that he died in 1911 at the age of 63. It is possible that the cause of his death is not widely known or has been lost to history.

Despite the brevity of his writing career, Wattles's ideas and teachings have had a lasting influence on the self-help and personal development movement, and he is remembered as an important figure in the history of these fields.


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