Lifetime: 1867 - 1942 Passed: ≈ 81 years ago




United Kingdom

Walter George Bell

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More About Unknown London Cover image

More About Unknown London

Mystery Treasure Exploration Travel Explore Narrative London

Discover the hidden secrets of London in "More About Unknown London" by Walter George Bell. In this captivating exploration of the city's lesser-known corners, Bell invites you on a journey through London's enigmatic past and present. From forgotten...

Unknown London Cover image

Unknown London

Life Dark London Observation Immersive Intriguing Mysterious

In the labyrinth of London's forgotten corners lies a realm shrouded in mystery—enter Walter George Bell's "Unknown London," where the city's secrets unfold like pages of an ancient manuscript. The journey begins with a clandestine whisper, pulling r...

The Tower of London Cover image

The Tower of London

History Non-Fiction
Spirit Biography Reflection Narrative London Immersive

In the shadows of history, where secrets whisper through time, "The Tower of London" by Walter George Bell unveils a gripping tale that transcends centuries. The air of mystery thickens as an ancient fortress stands sentinel over the heart of London,...