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Lifetime: 1821 - 1902 Passed: ≈ 121 years ago


German Historian



Wilhelm Ihne

Joseph Anton Friedrich Wilhelm Ihne was a German historian who was a native of Fürth. He was the father of architect Ernst von Ihne (1848–1917).

He studied philology at Bonn, obtaining his degree in 1843 with a thesis titled Quaestiones Terentianae. From 1847 to 1849 he was a teacher in Elberfeld, afterwards moving to England, where he taught school in Liverpool until 1863. He returned to Germany as a lecturer at the University of Heidelberg, where in 1873 he was appointed professor. He died in Heidelberg.

Books by Wilhelm Ihne

Early Rome  Cover image

Early Rome

Political Science Non-Fiction War
Military Antiquity

In this short scholarly work the German historian, Wilhelm Ihne, elucidates what is known or can be deduced about Rome's early history, from the time of its legendary founders and kings, through the establishment of the Republic, to the invasion of t...