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Danse Russe


Williams spent his life as a doctor practicing pediatric medicine in northern New Jersey, a few miles west of New York City. During the work day, between seeing patients, he often dashed off poems on the backs of blank prescription pads that he kept...

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Selected Early Poems of William Carlos Williams

Children Poems Passion Medical

Williams was born in Rutherford, New Jersey, a community near the city of Paterson. His father was an English immigrant, and his mother was born in Puerto Rico. He attended public school in Rutherford until 1897, then was sent to study at Château de...

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Sour Grapes

Imagery Exploration Poems Desire Verses Introspection

"Sour Grapes" is a poetic collection that serves as a tantalizing exploration of the human condition, penned by the renowned poet William Carlos Williams. Within these pages, readers are invited to savor the essence of life through Williams' evocativ...