William Charles Henry Wood



Lifetime: 1864 - 1947 Passed: ≈ 75 years ago

William Charles Henry Wood was a Canadian historian, Scout leader and naturalist. He was born in Quebec City and served in the Royal Rifles of Canada from 1887 to the end of the World War I achieving the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. He was active in literary and history circles and served as President of the Quebec Literary and Historical Society. He was interested in nature conservation and advocated for bird sanctuaries in Labrador. He was also president of the scouts in Quebec in 1909. He was a prolific chronicler of Canadian history and wrote several books on the subject, most notably a five volume set on the history of Quebec entitled, The Storied Province of Quebec. He died in Quebec City in 1947 at the age of 83. Wood was buried in Mount Hermon Cemetery in Sillery.


Wood was born on 7 June 1864 in Quebec City. He was the son of George Augustus Leslie Wood, merchant, and Charlotte Feodore Louisa Augusta Guérout.



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