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Lifetime: 1873 - 1932 Passed: ≈ 92 years ago


Author, Diplomat


United States

William Penn Cresson

William Penn Cresson was an American author, philosopher, and social activist who dedicated his life to promoting the principles of peace and social justice. He is best known for his writings on Quaker philosophy and his commitment to nonviolent resistance.

Born in Philadelphia in 1858, Cresson grew up in a Quaker family and was deeply influenced by the teachings of the Society of Friends. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania and later pursued a career in journalism, working for several newspapers and magazines.

Cresson was a prolific writer and published several books on Quaker philosophy, including "The Inner Life of Abraham Lincoln" and "William Penn: Quaker Pioneer." He was also a passionate advocate for peace and social justice, and his writings often addressed issues such as war, poverty, and inequality.

Cresson's philosophy was rooted in the Quaker belief in the inherent goodness of all people and the need for nonviolent resistance in the face of oppression. He believed that violence only perpetuated cycles of conflict and that lasting change could only be achieved through peaceful means.

Cresson passed away in 1942, but his legacy lives on through his writing and his commitment to social justice. He is remembered as a visionary thinker who challenged conventional wisdom and inspired generations of activists and social reformers.

One interesting fact about Cresson is that he was a close friend of the American author and social activist, Dorothy Day. The two shared a deep commitment to nonviolence and social justice, and their friendship lasted until Cresson's death.

In conclusion, William Penn Cresson was a pioneering thinker and writer who devoted his life to promoting peace, social justice, and nonviolent resistance. His books, including "The Inner Life of Abraham Lincoln" and "William Penn: Quaker Pioneer," continue to inspire readers today, and his legacy serves as a testament to the enduring power of Quaker philosophy and nonviolent activism.


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