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Lifetime: 1861 - 1942 Passed: ≈ 81 years ago




New Zealand

William Satchell

William Arthur Satchell was a New Zealand orchardist, writer, stockbroker, novelist and accountant.

Satchell was born in London, England in 1861. In 1886 he decided to emigrate to New Zealand for his health, and settled at Waimā in the Hokianga area of the North Island, on a property that he cleared and farmed. He married Susan Bryers at Rawene on 15 November 1889.

Between 1902 and 1914 Satchell wrote four novels, all set in New Zealand. He was granted a civil list pension in 1939 in recognition of his literary services. He died in Auckland in October 1942. His wife predeceased him by six years; he was survived by five sons and four daughters.

Books by William Satchell

The Greenstone Door Cover image

The Greenstone Door

Adventure Novel
Love Young Death Action Experiences Historical Peace

The Greenstone Door is a historical novel, set between 1830-1860’s New Zealand. The main character, Cedric Tregarthen, is remembering his past, telling the story both from his vantage point as an old man remembering, and as a young man experiencing h...