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Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler

Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler (9 April 1860 – 22 June 1929) was an English author of popular romances, and a poet and children's writer. She was a keen Methodist.

Who was she?

Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler was born in Wolverhampton, England, to a wealthy family. She was educated at home by her parents and at a boarding school in Bath. After leaving school, she worked as a governess for a few years before turning to writing.

What were her principles?

Fowler was a devout Methodist, and her religious beliefs influenced her writing. She was a strong believer in the importance of morality and virtue, and her novels often explored these themes. She was also a feminist, and her writing often featured strong female characters.

What was she famous for?

Fowler was famous for her popular romances, which were published in magazines and in book form. Her novels were often set in the English countryside, and they featured strong female characters who faced challenges but ultimately triumphed. Some of her most famous novels include The Farringdons (1898), The Poor Man and the Lady (1899), and The House of Quiet (1900).

What was her philosophy?

Fowler's philosophy was based on the belief that people should strive to be good and moral. She believed that everyone had the potential to be good, and that it was important to help others. She also believed that women should be treated equally to men, and that they should have the same opportunities.

When did she die & how is she remembered?

Fowler died in 1929 at the age of 69. She is remembered as a talented writer who produced a number of popular and critically acclaimed novels. Her novels continue to be read and enjoyed by people today.

Anything interesting to know about the author?

  • Fowler was a keen gardener, and she often wrote about gardening in her novels.
  • She was a member of the Women's Social and Political Union, and she supported the campaign for women's suffrage.
  • She was a close friend of the writer Mrs. Humphrey Ward.

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