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United States

Ellis Parker Butler

Ellis Parker Butler was an American author known for his humorous and light-hearted writing style. Born on December 5, 1869, in Muscatine, Iowa, he grew up in a large family and had a passion for writing from an early age. Butler began his career as a journalist, writing for various newspapers before turning to fiction writing.

Butler's writing style was characterized by his use of humor and satire to poke fun at American society and culture. He was famous for his short stories, which were published in various magazines and newspapers such as The Saturday Evening Post, Collier's, and Puck. His most notable works include "Pigs is Pigs," a humorous short story about a bureaucratic mix-up involving guinea pigs, and "The Water Goats," a collection of short stories about life on a Mississippi River steamboat.

Butler's philosophy was one of light-heartedness and humor. He believed that laughter was the best medicine and that people should not take life too seriously. This philosophy is evident in his writing, which often features quirky characters and absurd situations.

Butler passed away on September 13, 1937, in Williamsville, Massachusetts, leaving behind a legacy of humorous and entertaining literature. He is remembered as one of America's greatest humorists and a master of the short story genre. In addition to his writing, Butler was also an active member of his community, serving as a member of the Williamsville Board of Education and as the president of the local library association.

One interesting fact about Butler is that he wrote under various pen names throughout his career. In addition to Ellis Parker Butler, he also wrote under the names Philo Gubb and A. C. Quick. This allowed him to write in different genres and experiment with different writing styles without being tied to a particular name or reputation.

Overall, Ellis Parker Butler was a talented and humorous writer who left behind a legacy of entertaining literature that continues to be enjoyed by readers today. His books and short stories are still widely read and loved, making him a beloved figure in American literary history.

Books by Ellis Parker Butler

Swatty: A Story of Real Boys  Cover image

Swatty: A Story of Real Boys

Children Loyalty Friendship Childhood Classics Technology Modern

The story follows a group of boys, including the titular character Swatty, as they navigate the ups and downs of childhood in a small town. The book is full of humorous anecdotes and relatable moments that will make readers of all ages smile and laug...

Kilo: Being the Love Story of Eliph' Hewlitt, Book Agent Cover image

Kilo: Being the Love Story of Eliph' Hewlitt, Book Agent

Romance Novel
Romantic Escape Adventure Comedy Village Travelling

It is a romantic comedy that offers a lighthearted and entertaining read. The novel takes readers on a journey through the small towns and villages of America, as Eliph' travels from place to place in search of new customers. Throughout the novel, B...

In Pawn Cover image

In Pawn

Romantic Love History Young Literature Challenges Humorous Fiction Nostalgia

It tells the story of a young man named Howard Lane. The book, first published in 1908, follows Howard as he navigates his way through a series of misadventures and romantic entanglements in pursuit of true love. Set in the early 20th century, "In P...

The Jack-Knife Man Cover image

The Jack-Knife Man

Fiction Novel
Family Love Power Death Storm Friendship Women Acceptance

In a small town in the American Midwest, a mysterious stranger arrives with a single suitcase and a pocketful of jackknives. The stranger, who calls himself Peter Lane, is a jack-of-all-trades who makes a living by whittling kitchen tools and toys....

Perkins of Portland Cover image

Perkins of Portland

Comedy Fiction Humour
Innocence Imagination Twists Laughter Hilarious

In a setting where the ordinary takes an unexpected twist, Perkins, an unassuming resident of Portland, becomes an unwitting hero in a series of uproarious misadventures. Amid the backdrop of the charming town, a series of mishaps and misunderstandi...

The Confessions of a Daddy Cover image

The Confessions of a Daddy

Fiction Humour Novel
Love Children Challenges Struggle Honesty Humorous Fiction Resilience Joys

What if fatherhood was the hardest job in the world? In Ellis Parker Butler's humorous novel, The Confessions of a Daddy, a new father must learn to navigate the challenges of parenthood with nothing but his wits and a sense of humor. Our unnamed n...

The Incubator Baby Cover image

The Incubator Baby

Marriage Love Struggle Adolescence Journey Technology Science Development

What if a baby was raised in a sterile, scientific environment, devoid of human interaction? Marjorie Fielding is born prematurely and placed in an incubator at Coney Island. Once she is strong enough to come home, her modern mother follows the advi...

Philo Gubb, Correspondence-School Detective Cover image

Philo Gubb, Correspondence-School Detective

Philo Gubb, not being content with his job as wallpaper-hanger, has higher aspirations: to become a detective, just like Sherlock Holmes. To that end, he enrolls in a correspondence course, where he gets lessons through the mail as well as the necess...

The Adventures of a Suburbanite Cover image

The Adventures of a Suburbanite

Fiction Humour
Humorous Fiction

Why is the neighbor so obsessed with his car? Where can we find a good gardener? Should we have a Santa Claus at our Christmas party? Yes, this is suburbia... much the same today as it was in 1911. - Summary by Sarah Jennings

Cheerful Smugglers Cover image

Cheerful Smugglers

Saving for the baby's education: how can a young family be disciplined so as to regularly put money in the pig (bank)? Why, put a tariff on all items coming into the house, just like the U.S. Government does/did for items coming into the country! But...

Whale Cover image


His career spanned more than forty years, and his stories, poems, and articles were published in more than 225 magazines. His work appeared alongside that of his contemporaries, including Mark Twain, Sax Rohmer, James B. Hendryx, Berton Braley, F. Sc...

Exception Cover image


LibriVox volunteers bring you 19 recordings of An Exception by Ellis Parker Butler. This was the Weekly Poetry project for November 19, 2023. ------ Ellis Parker Butler was an American author. He was the author of more than 30 books and more tha...