Lifetime: 1868 - 1955 Passed: ≈ 69 years ago


Novelist, Biographer, Editor



Geraldine Mitton

Geraldine Edith Mitton pen name G. E. Mitton, was an English novelist, biographer, editor, and guide-book writer. Born in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, she was the third daughter of Rev. Henry Arthur Mitton, a master of Sherburn Hospital. In 1896, she moved to London, where she worked with Walter Besant on his survey of London. In 1899 she joined the staff of the publishing company A & C Black, where she was on the editorial staff of Who's Who. She married colonial administrator Sir George Scott in 1920, becoming his third wife. She collaborated with Scott on several novels set in Burma, and wrote his biography, Scott of the Shan Hills, which was published in 1936, the year after his death.

Books by Geraldine Mitton

Jane Austen and Her Times  Cover image

Jane Austen and Her Times

Love History Autobiography Society Letters Modern

This book starts saying it won't be a biography but instead will describe the times of Jane Austen, but then details the live of Jane Austen with a bit of context.

A Bachelor Girl in Burma Cover image

A Bachelor Girl in Burma

Memoir Travel
Love Travelling Geography Memory

Miss Mitton was an unusual English woman of her time. As a published author, this unmarried woman in her early 30s recorded her visit to Burma (and Ceylon) at the turn of the 20th century. Her language is picturesque, and her attitude toward the nati...