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Jane Austen and Her Times

By: Geraldine Mitton

This book starts saying it won't be a biography but instead will describe the times of Jane Austen, but then details the live of Jane Austen with a bit of context.

This is a lively and highly accessible overview of the life and times of one of England's most beloved authors. Using excerpts from a wide variety of sources, such as Austen's own personal correspondence and the works of her contemporaries, Mitton chronicles her literary career and family life amidst the changing climate of the Georgian and Regency eras, giving the reader a sense of what it was like to live in her world. A must-read for the dedicated Austen aficionado!

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Geraldine Edith Mitton pen name G. E. Mitton, was an English novelist, biographer, editor, and guide-book writer. Born in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, she was the third daughter of Rev. Henry Arthu...

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