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Homer Greene

Books by Homer Greene

A Lincoln Conscript Cover image

A Lincoln Conscript

Tragedy Sin Conflict America Civil War Emotion Historical United States

A heartwarming novel which visits the last two years of the American Civil War. The center of the story is the conflict of emotions and deeds between a father and son who hold opposing views of the conflict and the surprising role that President Linc...

Whispering Tongues Cover image

Whispering Tongues

Fairy Tale
Tale Redemption Children Jealousy Friendship Childhood Life

Parmenter and Lee are good friends who attend Concord College. But a hazing incident tears the friendship apart, and affects the lives of both the hazers and the hazee. And the whispering tongues of classmates of falsehoods, jealousy and rumor, serve...

Pickett's Gap Cover image

Pickett's Gap

Adventure Novel
Mystery Treasure Thriller Young adult fiction Friendship Suspense Discovery Twists Loyality

It is an exciting adventure novel that takes readers on a thrilling journey through the rugged landscapes of Pickett's Gap. This captivating story captures the imagination of young readers with its compelling characters and suspenseful plot. Set in a...

Blind Brother Cover image

Blind Brother

This is the first book written by Homer Greene, whose primary occupation was lawyer. It tells of 14-year-old Tom Taylor, and his 12-year-old blind brother Bennie, who work in the Pennsylvania coal mines in the late 1800s, earning money for an operati...

Tale of the Tow-Path Cover image

Tale of the Tow-Path

All work and no play makes 14-year-old Joe Gaston run away. He's also falsely branded as a horse-thief by his own father. This heart-warming story tells of Joe's wanderings and life on the tow-path, of finding Old Charlie and the real horse-thief, ho...

Riverpark Rebellion Cover image

Riverpark Rebellion

A tale of the Riverpark Academy for cadets, in which there is growing discontent leading to a revolt against the academy's leaders. The rebellion takes the form of an unauthorized "holiday" in which a number of cadets leave the grounds for a some fun...