Fictional Author Nicholas Carter


Lifetime: 1886 -


Private Detective



Nicholas Carter

Nicholas Carter is a popular character who has been featured in a variety of media. He is a skilled detective who is always willing to fight for justice, who began as a dime novel private detective in 1886 and has appeared in a variety of formats over more than a century. The character was first conceived by Ormond G. Smith and created by John R. Coryell. Carter headlined his own magazine for years, and was then part of a long-running series of novels from 1964 to 1990. Films were created based on Carter in France, Czechoslovakia and Hollywood. Nick Carter has also appeared in many comic books and in radio programs.

The author of the Nick Carter books is unknown. The books were published under the pseudonym Nick Carter, and it is believed that they were written by a team of writers. The first Nick Carter book was published in 1886, and the series continued for over 100 years. The books were very popular, and they helped to create the modern detective genre.

Here are some of the authors who are believed to have written Nick Carter books:

  • John R. Coryell
  • Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey
  • Michael Avallone
  • Valerie Moolman
  • Gayle Lynds
  • Bill Crider
  • Martin Cruz Smith

It is also possible that other authors contributed to the Nick Carter series, but their identities are unknown.

Books by Nicholas Carter

Captain Sparkle, Pirate Cover image

Captain Sparkle, Pirate

Detective Mystery Pirates America Historical United States

This book follows the courageous Captain Sparkle and his crew as they embark on daring quests, encounter formidable foes, and search for hidden treasures. Written with great imagination and skill, "Captain Sparkle, Pirate" is a timeless tale that tr...

The Photographer's Evidence  Cover image

The Photographer's Evidence

Fiction Novel
Detective Home Suspense America United States

This book takes readers on a suspenseful journey as they unravel the secrets hidden within the intriguing world of photography. Written with keen attention to detail and a talent for building suspense, "The Photographer's Evidence" has quickly becom...

Out of Death's Shadow Cover image

Out of Death's Shadow

Horror Novel
Detective Fear Death Discovery Convicts

This book delves into the depths of human resilience and the power of hope in the face of overwhelming adversity. Nicholas Carter's poignant masterpiece, "Out of Death's Shadow," was written with great sensitivity. The novel has garnered widespread...

A Broken Bond  Cover image

A Broken Bond

Fiction Novel
Detective Escape Attack America Letters United States Mountains

This tale opens in South America, with a lone man lying in wait in the mountains. He lets a caravan of peasants pass. Ten minutes later, the sound of a horse's hooves signal the arrival of his quarry. Who is the man and why is he trying to shoot his...

A Battle for the Right  Cover image

A Battle for the Right

Detective Battle Mystery Historical Cheating

The scene is set at an upscale road house not far from New York City. Tucked away in a quiet room, five men sit at a poker game, when one is accused of cheating. A scuffle ensues and the man ends up dead. But surely he wasn't hit that hard? Did he ha...

With Links of Steel Cover image

With Links of Steel

Adventure Fiction
Crime Thief Robbery Dark

In this adventure, Nick and his sidekicks are on the trail of jewel thieves.

Snarled Identities Cover image

Snarled Identities

Fiction Novel
Detective Mystery Death Treasure Discovery

This book delves into the complexities of human nature, exploring the intricate web of identities that shape our lives. Penned with great depth and insight, "Snarled Identities" was published recently, captivating readers with its exploration of the...

The Man Without a Conscience Cover image

The Man Without a Conscience

Fiction Novel
Detective Fortune America Modern United States Consulship

In this story, Nick has been contacted by his old friend, Chief Weston, of the Boston Police Department. When he arrives, he is shown a photograph, depicting a crime in progress and is informed there has been a spate of holdups on local highways. So...

A Woman at Bay Cover image

A Woman at Bay

Detective Mystery America Railway Humanity United States Imagination

This book takes readers on a heart-pounding journey, immersing them in a world filled with danger, intrigue, and a relentless pursuit of justice. Written by Nicholas Carter, a master of the suspense genre, "A Woman at Bay" keeps readers on the edge...

A Stolen Name Cover image

A Stolen Name

Murder Death Detective novel Ghost Story

In this story, Nick finds himself in a quandary. He must choose between helping a friend, with a dubious past or arresting a master crook, long thought dead, but now setting up a new scam. Will he save his friend or, with the help of his assistants,...

The Twin Mystery Cover image

The Twin Mystery

Fiction Novel
Detective Murder Rescue Discovery Letters

In this story, Nick receives a letter foretelling of a murder. His wife, Edith, believes it was from a woman.

A Fatal Message Cover image

A Fatal Message

Detective Letters

This tale opens with Nick eavesdropping on two strangers in the next booth as he finishes his lunch. One of the men works at the telegraph office and is discussing an unusual wire he received. Nick's interest is aroused.

Under the Tiger's Claws Cover image

Under the Tiger's Claws

Fiction Novel
Detective Young Money Luck Sin Trust Women

In this story, Nick is called to visit his banker friend, Mr. Gilsley, who is concerned about some missing money. Also present at the meeting is Belle Braddon, the banker's stenographer. Although the young woman is striking, there is something about...

A Sharper's Downfall; Or, Into the Net Cover image

A Sharper's Downfall; Or, Into the Net

Fiction Novel
Detective Social Mystery Deception Justice Customs

It follows the story of a clever detective as he investigates a cunning con man who has been preying on unsuspecting victims. Written in the early 20th century, "A Sharper's Downfall" is a prime example of the classic detective fiction genre. Carter...

The Mask of Death Cover image

The Mask of Death

Detective Family Murder Mystery Death Thriller Determination Betrayal

It tells the story of a detective who is tasked with solving a complex murder case involving a wealthy and powerful family. The novel was first published in 1930 and has since become a classic in the mystery genre. As the story unfolds, the detectiv...

A Network of Crime Cover image

A Network of Crime

Crime Novel
Murder Mystery Action Thriller Suspense Robbery Investigative Experiences Criminals

It follows the story of Detective Harry Challenor who is tasked with solving a complex network of criminal activities that seem to be connected to a single source. As he delves deeper into the case, he discovers that the criminal mastermind behind th...