Lifetime: 1845 - 1928 Passed: ≈ 95 years ago





Osmund Airy

Osmund Airy was an English historian who specialised in early modern Great Britain and Ireland and especially Charles II and the Restoration.

He was born in October 1845 at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, the youngest son of Sir George Biddell Airy, the Astronomer Royal. He was educated at Blackheath Proprietary School and Trinity College, Cambridge. He briefly served as an assistant at Blackheath before he joined the staff at Wellington where he stayed until 1876, when he was appointed as an Inspector of Schools. In 1904 he became a divisional inspector, retiring in 1910.

He edited the first part of Gilbert Burnet's History of His Own Time that concerns the reign of Charles II and published it in two volumes.

His son was James Airy, a cricketer and soldier who was killed in the Irish War of Independence.

Books by Osmund Airy

Charles II Cover image

Charles II

Murder Autobiography Moral Life Parliament Perception Dominance Imagination

This engaging book is an inestimable resource for any student of the merry monarch, Charles II. "Odd's fish," he said "I am an ugly fellow!" Yet, as Airy writes, "his power of imagination, his intuitive perception of character, his faculty of statecr...