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Charles II

by Osmund Airy

This engaging book is an inestimable resource for any student of the merry monarch, Charles II. "Odd's fish," he said "I am an ugly fellow!" Yet, as Airy writes, "his power of imagination, his intuitive perception of character, his faculty of statecraft, enabled him to gauge the strength or weakness of an opponent or the frailty of an adherent, and to slip by difficulties which it was inconvenient to meet." But alas, Charles's moral languor led to the dominance of French gold in English affairs, and to parliamentary factions and courtly intrigues, which culminated in the judicial murders of the Popish Plot.

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Osmund Airy was an English historian who specialised in early modern Great Britain and Ireland and especially Charles II and the Restoration. He was born in October 1845 at the Royal Observatory, Gree...

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