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Lifetime: 1860 - 1898 Passed: ≈ 125 years ago


Author, Royal Translator



Otto Martin Moller

Otto Martin Møller was a Danish author and royal translator ( Portuguese ).

Møller made his debut as a poet and playwright , but has especially as a writer of stories and novels been very productive and for some of his books had a large readership, not only in Denmark, but also - through translation - in Sweden , Germany , Holland , Italy , France , Romania and the United States .

His most famous publications are The Reformer of Galilee , A Tale of Ancient Palestine (1885) and The Novel of Gold and Glory (1895). Other books by him are Nina. A Psychological Depiction (1883), Engaged Existences , Studies and Sketches (1885), Young Spouses (1889), Light of the Country (1892), Superhumans (1897) and the novel The Millionaire's Pilgrimage (1898).

Møller was relatively well known in his day, but has since been forgotten by the public, probably due to his untimely death. However, the author seems to have been rediscovered in the twenty-first century, with a reissue of "Gold and Glory", both in regular edition and as an audiobook (2006), as well as "The Millionaire's Pilgrimage" as an audiobook (2007).

Books by Otto Martin Moller

Guld og Ære Cover image

Guld og Ære

Science Fiction Novel
Gold Global Economy

Science fiction roman skrevet af Otto Martin Møller i 1895. En ung dansk kemiker ved navn Erik Poulsen gør med afsæt i den nyeste viden om fysik og kemi den epokegørende opdagelse, at være i stand til at forvandle ethvert uædelt metal til guld. Erik,...