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Lifetime: 1840 - 1909 Passed: ≈ 115 years ago


Wrtier, Novelist


United Kingdom

Rosa Nouchette Carey

Rosa Nouchette Carey was an English children's writer and popular novelist, whose works reflected the values of her time and were thought of as wholesome for girls. However, they are "not entirely bereft of grit and realism."

Born in Stratford-le-Bow, Rosa was the sixth of the seven children of William Henry Carey (died 1867), shipbroker, and his wife, Maria Jane (died 1870), daughter of Edward J. Wooddill. She was brought up in London at Tryons Road, Hackney, Middlesex and in South Hampstead. She was educated at home and at the Ladies' Institute, St John's Wood, where she was a contemporary and friend of the German-born poet Mathilde Blind (1841–1896). Her first novel, Nellie's Memories (1868), arose out of stories she had told to her younger sister.

As her writing career expanded after the death of her parents, so did her family responsibilities. When her mother died in 1870, she and an unmarried sister went to keep house for a widowed brother and look after his children. Later the sister married and the brother died, leaving Carey in sole charge of the children. Among her close friends was the prolific novelist Mrs Henry Wood. The poet Helen Marion Burnside came to live with her in about 1875, and Carey's sister returned to keep house for them after her husband died. Carey died of lung cancer at her home in Putney, London on 19 July 1909 and was buried in Hampstead Cemetery.

Books by Rosa Nouchette Carey

Heriot's Choice Cover image

Heriot's Choice

Fiction Novel
Children Influential Home Happiness Society Life Women

Mildred wants to start her full life at the age of 28. She is looking forward to it until her brother asks her to come help in his home and care for his children. She has to take the role of "Aunt Milly," the almost happy and contented care taker. Sh...

Lover or Friend Cover image

Lover or Friend

Romantic Friend Love Loyalty Devotion Friendship Wealth Relationships Experiences

It follows the story of two sisters, one of whom must choose between a romantic relationship with a wealthy suitor and her deep friendship with a devoted companion. Originally published in 1894, "Lover or Friend" explores themes of love, loyalty, an...

Doctor Luttrell's First Patient Cover image

Doctor Luttrell's First Patient

Romance Fiction Novel
Romantic Victorian Dream Sacrifice Struggle Emotion Medical Intriguing Forbidden Love

In the heart of Victorian London, a young and ambitious doctor's life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters a mysterious patient with a secret that could change everything. Dr. Edmund Luttrell, fresh out of medical school, dreams of making a n...

Mollie's Prince Cover image

Mollie's Prince

Romantic Love Happiness Forgiveness Dark Orphans Obstacles Secret

Mollie's Prince: A captivating story of love, loss, and the power of second chances. Mollie's Prince is a heartwarming and romantic novel by Rosa Nouchette Carey, published in 1898. It tells the story of Mollie, a young woman who is orphaned at a yo...

Other People's Lives Cover image

Other People's Lives

A series of stories by Rosa Nouchette Carey who was a popular English novelist, whose works reflected the wholesome values of her time. They often contained the grit and realism of the day. Carey often wrote about the domestic fiction of the period,...

Herb of Grace Cover image

Herb of Grace

Malcolm Herrick has it all: he is a lawyer, he has no financial problems, and he has wonderful friends and even an adopted sister. He is a dutiful boy to his mother. He is a loving friend. But he wanted something else. He wanted to be a poet or an ar...