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Lifetime: 1867 - 1952 Passed: ≈ 72 years ago


Writer, Minister


United States

William J. Long

William Joseph Long was an American writer, naturalist and minister. He lived and worked in Stamford, Connecticut as a minister of the First Congregationalist Church.

As a naturalist, he would leave Stamford every March, often with his son, Brian, and two daughters, Lois and Cesca, to travel to "the wilderness" of Maine. There they would stay until the first snows of October, although sometimes he would stay all winter. In the 1920s, he began spending his summers in Nova Scotia, claiming "the wilderness is getting too crowded".

He wrote of these wilderness experiences in the books Ways of Wood Folk, Wilderness Ways, Wood-folk Comedies, Northern Trails, Wood Folk at School, and many others. His earlier books were illustrated by Charles Copeland; two later ones were illustrated by Charles Livingston Bull. Long believed that the best way to experience the wild was to "plant yourself and sit for hours on end to let the wild come to you; and they will!"

Books by William J. Long

Ways of Wood Folk Cover image

Ways of Wood Folk

Fiction Science
Naturalistic Animal Forest Observation Imagination Environment

Late nineteenth-century naturalist William J. Long invites us in to the secret worlds of the woodland animals. Containing Long's own animal observations along with stories related to him by other humans who inhabit the woods, these stories give us an...

Wilderness Ways Cover image

Wilderness Ways

Non-Fiction Science
Animal Thriller Passion Wildlife Spirituality Strategy Humanity Plants Mountains Environment Ecological

This Book invites you on an awe-inspiring journey through the untouched landscapes of the wild. Unravel the hidden mysteries of the natural world as Long delves deep into the hearts of forests, meadows, and mountain ranges, revealing the astonishing...

Northern Trails, Book 2 Cover image

Northern Trails, Book 2

Animal Beauty Nature Adventure Journey Life Wildlife Wilderness

Travel to the far reaches of the North Woods, where wild animals roam and nature's secrets are hidden. In Northern Trails, Book 2, William J. Long takes readers on a journey to the remote and wild corners of the North Woods. Long was a naturalist wh...

A Little Brother to the Bear Cover image

A Little Brother to the Bear

Animal Beauty Young Intelligence Nature Challenges Wildlife Observation Empathy

In the heart of the North American wilderness, where towering trees stand as silent sentinels and the air hums with the secrets of the forest, William Joseph Long's A Little Brother to the Bear invites us into a world of wonder and enchantment. Thro...

Wood Folk at School Cover image

Wood Folk at School

Fairy Tale
Love Beauty Power School Children Nature Action Adventure Joys

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with the Wood Folk, a group of nature-loving children guided by the wise and knowledgeable Woodmaster, as they explore the wonders of the natural world in William Joseph Long's enchanting book, Wood Folk at School...

English Literature: Its History and Its Significance for the Life of the English Speaking World Cover image

English Literature: Its History and Its Significance for the Life of the English Speaking World

This book, which presents the whole splendid history of English literature from Anglo-Saxon times to the close of the Victorian Era, has three specific aims. The first is to create or to encourage in every student the desire to read the best books, a...

Secrets of the Woods Cover image

Secrets of the Woods

The unique merit of this nature student rests in his fascinating style of writing, which invariably interests young and old; for without this element his pioneer work in the realm of nature would now be familiar only to scientists, introducing people...

School of The Woods Cover image

School of The Woods

Some Life Studies of Animal Instincts and Animal Training This is the third book in the Wood Folk series by William J. Long, where he masterfully recreates animal life studies he observed while in the woods. He writes of the secrets of animals and bi...

Northern Trails, Book 1 Cover image

Northern Trails, Book 1

"In the original preface to "Northern Trails" the author stated that, with the solitary exception of the salmon's life in the sea after he vanishes from human sight, every incident recorded here is founded squarely upon personal and accurate observat...