Audiobook of A Little Brother to the Bear

A Little Brother to the Bear

by William J. Long

In the heart of the North American wilderness, where towering trees stand as silent sentinels and the air hums with the secrets of the forest, William Joseph Long's A Little Brother to the Bear invites us into a world of wonder and enchantment. Through the eyes of a young Native American boy named Mooweesuk, we are introduced to the extraordinary world of the coon, a creature often misunderstood and maligned. Mooweesuk, with his keen observation and deep connection to nature, recognizes the coon's remarkable intelligence, cunning, and adaptability. He observes the coon's habits, its mannerisms, and its interactions with the natural world, forming a deep and abiding kinship with this misunderstood creature.

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William J. Long

United States

William Joseph Long was an American writer, naturalist and minister. He lived and worked in Stamford, Connecticut as a minister of the First Congregationalist Church. As a naturalist, he would leave S...

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