Audiobook of Destiny Times Three

Destiny Times Three

by Fritz Leiber

In a breathtaking leap through the corridors of time, Fritz Leiber's "Destiny Times Three" unfolds a riveting saga that defies the limits of the present. Imagine a world where destiny is not a solitary path, but a multidimensional tangle. A tantalizing adventure begins when a brilliant scientist discovers a method to glimpse into alternate futures, each diverging from the present moment. But as the possibilities multiply, so does the complexity and peril. Caught in this enigmatic maze of destinies, the characters grapple with their manifold selves and the unforeseen consequences of their choices. From utopias to dystopias, their lives unfurl in kaleidoscopic twists, painting a portrait of humanity at its best and worst across time and space.

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Fritz Leiber

United States

Fritz Reuter Leiber Jr. was an American writer of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. He was also a poet, actor in theater and films, playwright, and chess expert. With writers such as Robert E. How...

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