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What is the ultimate source of all reality? The Enneads by Plotinus is a collection of 54 philosophical treatises that explore the nature of reality, the human soul, and the path to union with the divine. Plotinus's philosophy is complex and sophisticated, but at its core, it is a quest to understand the One, or the Good, as the ultimate source of all existence. In the Enneads, Plotinus argues that all reality emanates from the One in a descending hierarchy. The first level of emanation is the Intellect, which is the realm of ideas and forms. The Intellect is followed by the Soul, which is the realm of life and consciousness. Finally, the Soul emanates the physical world, which is the lowest level of reality.

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Plotinus (204/5–270 CE) was a Hellenistic Platonist philosopher, born and raised in Roman Egypt. He is considered the founder of Neoplatonism, a philosophical system that combines elements of Platonis...

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