Book Cover of Feminism in Greek Literature

Feminism in Greek Literature

by Frederick Adam Wright

This study, published in 1923, examines the views regarding women's place in Ancient Greek society based especially on the writings of Homer, Euripides, Aristophanes, Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. As the author offers his opinion and judgement, that at times reflect views on women, homosexuality and other social groups and themes that might be considered controversial now, he leaves an interesting picture of the state of Classical scholarship in the early 20th century. "There is a question sometimes put to scholars, a doubt often latent in scholars' minds — How was it that Greek civilisation, with all its high ideals and achievements, fell so easily before what seems at first sight an altogether inferior culture? The fact is — and it is as well to state it plainly — that the Greek world perished from one main cause, a low ideal of womanhood and a degradation of women which found expression both in literature and in social life. The position of women and the position of slaves — for the two classes went together — were the canker-spots which, left unhealed, brought about the decay first of Athens and then of Greece."

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F. A. Wright was an author of books dealing with classic Greek history and literature.

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