Book Cover of Haiti: Its Dawn of Progress after Years in a Night of Revolution

Haiti: Its Dawn of Progress after Years in a Night of Revolution

by John Dryden Kuser

This book is part history and part travelogue, an account of a brief visit by a wealthy, white U.S. politician during a lamentable time in Haiti’s history of its invasion and occupation by the U.S. military. Dryden offers his views of elements of Haitian culture such as education, religion and commerce, with some optimism but with the shallow understanding of a casual observer who has not been immersed in the culture enough to provide truly insightful understanding. One chapter is an account of his duck hunting expedition. This is, nonetheless, valuable in helping us understand how many understood the Haitian situation in the early twentieth century.


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John Dryden Kuser

United States

John Dryden Kuser also known as Dryden Kuser was a New Jersey politician and a member of an influential New Jersey family. He was the son of Colonel Anthony R. Kuser and grandson of Senator and Pruden...

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