House of Skulls

House of Skulls

by H. Bedford-Jones

A slick car and scenic and bountiful ranch to be had for a steal and Yorke Desmond wonders only briefly what the catch is. The man who sold him the property turns up dead and he receives both verbal warnings from people about the ranch as well as threats of physical violence. What's the story behind the lady who hides in the back seat of his car? Why are skulls built into the foundation of the veranda? Why does Desmond keep seeing mysterious wet prints of a pterodactyl in his new house? Listen and discover the secret of The House of Skulls! - Summary by Ben Tucker

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H. Bedford-Jones

United States

H. Bedford-Jones was a prolific writer of adventure stories and historical novels during the early 20th century. He was born in Toronto, Canada in 1887 and began his writing career in his early twe...

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