Book Cover of Random Readings In Racy Rhyme: A Repast For The Recluse, A Refreshment For The Railway Reader

Random Readings In Racy Rhyme: A Repast For The Recluse, A Refreshment For The Railway Reader

by Charles Harwood Greene

This poetry showcases Greene's wit and humor, as he explores various topics ranging from love and romance to the everyday struggles of life. The poems are written in a rhyming style, which adds to their playful nature and makes them easy to read and enjoy. The book is perfect for those who want a quick, lighthearted read, as each poem is short and easy to digest. Aside from its entertainment value, "Random Readings In Racy Rhyme" also offers a glimpse into the personality and interests of Charles Harwood Greene. Known primarily for his architectural work, this book showcases a different side of Greene's creative abilities and demonstrates his versatility as an artist. Overall, "Random Readings In Racy Rhyme" is a delightful collection of poetry that is sure to provide readers with a good laugh and a welcome break from the stresses of everyday life. Its enduring popularity is a testament to Greene's wit and humor, and the book continues to be a cherished classic among readers of all ages.

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Charles Harwood Greene was a prominent American architect, known for his contribution to the Arts and Crafts movement. Born on October 12, 1868, in Brighton, Ohio, Greene was the fourth child of a suc...

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