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Rocks and Their Origins

By: Grenville A.J. Cole

Do you know the difference between sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks? Are you interested in their geologic origin, chemical composition or how each type affects the landscape? Do you know the differences between limestone, granite and marble as building materials? You will find these and lots of other interesting facts about rocks in this second edition of "Rocks and Their Origins". The author, Grenville A. J. Cole, was an English geologist, Professor of Geology in the Royal College of Science for Ireland and an avid cyclist.

Rocks and Their Origins is a really excellent little book. Though a geological subject, it is intended primarily for those who are not specialists in geology, and as such necessarily presents the subject-matter in a simple, direct manner. But while declaredly a brief non-technical discussion, addressed to a general scientific audience, the charcter and treatment of the material selected are such that the more specialized student feels instinctively the complete command of the subject which alone makes possible such a succint statement. There is so much meat condensed in these brief paragraphs that anyone interested in the subject finds himself continually calling for more and wishing that the treatment were fuller.

This work was published as one of the long series of "Cambridge Manuals of Science and Literature".

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Grenville Arthur James Cole was an English geologist. He was from 1890 the Professor of Geology and Mineralogy in the Royal College of Science for Ireland, and from 1905 he became the fifth Director o...

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