Audiobook of Schopenhauer in the Air

Schopenhauer in the Air

by Sadakichi Hartmann

Amidst the swirling mists of existential inquiry, a poetic journey awaits, guided by the enigmatic musings of Sadakichi Hartmann in 'Schopenhauer in the Air'. In this captivating collection of verse, Sadakichi Hartmann, the renowned American poet of German and Japanese descent, invites readers on an ethereal expedition through the realms of philosophy, human emotion, and the essence of existence. Like whispers carried on the wind, his words weave a tapestry of contemplation that lingers in the mind and touches the soul. Hartmann's poetry is a transcendental flight, where the echoes of Arthur Schopenhauer's philosophical wisdom mingle with the breath of life. Through profound imagery and eloquent language, he delves into the depths of human desires, joys, and sorrows, exploring the eternal dance between suffering and hope. Within these verses, readers will find a fusion of Eastern mysticism and Western thought, as Hartmann draws from his Japanese heritage and his Western upbringing to craft a unique poetic voice that resonates across cultures and time. 'Schopenhauer in the Air' takes flight on the wings of metaphysical questions, soaring through the realms of love, nature, and the enigma of existence. Each poem is a whispered revelation, urging readers to embrace their individuality, question authority, and find solace in the beauty of fleeting moments. As readers journey through the pages of this evocative collection, they will discover that Sadakichi Hartmann's 'Schopenhauer in the Air' is not merely a book of poetry but an invitation to transcend the ordinary and embrace the ethereal essence of life itself.

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Sadakichi Hartmann

United States

Carl Sadakichi Hartmann, born on November 8, 1867, was a prominent American art and photography critic, distinguished poet, and a notable anarchist. His unique heritage, being of both German and Japan...

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