Audiobook of The Book of the Ocean

The Book of the Ocean

by Ernest Ingersoll

The ocean is the largest and most mysterious ecosystem on Earth, covering over 70% of our planet's surface. It is home to an incredible diversity of life, from tiny plankton to giant whales. But what do we really know about the ocean? In The Book of the Ocean, Ernest Ingersoll takes readers on a fascinating journey through the world's oceans. He explores everything from the ocean's origins and geology to its waves, tides, and currents. He also discusses the various types of marine life and the industries that rely on the ocean.

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Ernest Ingersoll

United States

Ernest Ingersoll was an American naturalist, writer, and explorer who was born on March 13, 1852 in Monroe, Michigan. He was the son of a Congregational minister and grew up in a household that valued...

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