Book Cover of The Journey of Coronado

The Journey of Coronado

by Pedro de Castaneda

In 1540, Francisco Vásquez de Coronado led an army from Mexico is search of the fabled golden cities of Cíbola. The Spaniards found no riches—instead, the Grand Canyon, the vast buffalo plains, and the pueblos of Zuni and Pecos. The narratives in this volume are all first-hand accounts of the Coronado expedition--raw, gripping, spirit-stirring--translated from the Spanish by George Parker Winship. The primary account was written by Pedro de Castañeda, a soldier in Coronado’s army. Letters from Coronado to the viceroy of Mexico and the Spanish king are also included.

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Pedro De Castaneda was a chronicler of the Coronado Expedition to Quivira in 1540-42 that came through Kansas.    Castaneda was a native of the Biscayan town of...

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