Audiobook of Tommy and the Wishing Stone

Tommy and the Wishing Stone

by Thornton W. Burgess

Published in 1915, this timeless tale takes young readers on an enchanting adventure filled with friendship, discovery, and the power of wishes. Set in the picturesque Green Forest, the story follows Tommy, a curious and imaginative young rabbit who embarks on an extraordinary journey after stumbling upon a mysterious stone. This magical stone has the incredible ability to grant wishes, but only to those who possess a pure heart. With the stone's power at his disposal, Tommy sets off on an unforgettable quest to bring happiness and harmony to the inhabitants of the forest. Throughout the book, Burgess weaves important life lessons seamlessly into the narrative, teaching children about the values of kindness, compassion, and the importance of making selfless wishes. Young readers will be captivated by the vivid descriptions of the forest and its charming animal inhabitants, including mischievous squirrels, wise old owls, and playful rabbits. "Tommy and the Wishing Stone" has remained a beloved classic for generations, captivating the hearts of children and adults alike with its timeless themes and engaging storytelling. Burgess's masterful blend of adventure, morality, and whimsy creates a captivating reading experience that encourages young minds to explore their own imagination and embrace the power of good intentions. This heartwarming tale serves as a reminder of the enduring power of friendship, the beauty of nature, and the impact of our actions. "Tommy and the Wishing Stone" is a must-read for children seeking a magical adventure, and its enduring relevance continues to inspire young readers to this day.


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Thornton W. Burgess

United States

Thornton Burgess was an American author, naturalist, and conservationist known for his children's books featuring animal characters. He was born in Sandwich, Massachusetts, in 1874, and grew up in a r...

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