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Lifetime: 1863 - 1928 Passed: ≈ 96 years ago


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Louis Tracy

Louis Tracy was a British journalist, and prolific writer of fiction. He used the pseudonyms Gordon Holmes and Robert Fraser, which were at times shared with M. P. Shiel, a collaborator from the start of the twentieth century.

He was born in Liverpool to a well-to-do middle-class family. At first he was educated at home and then at the French Seminary at Douai. Around 1884 he became a reporter for a local paper, The Northern Echo at Darlington, circulating in parts of Durham and North Yorkshire; later he worked for papers in Cardiff and Allahabad. During 1892–1894 he was closely associated with Arthur Harmsworth, in The Sun and The Evening News and Post.

His fiction included mystery, adventure and romance.

Books by Louis Tracy

The Bartlett Mystery Cover image

The Bartlett Mystery

Romance Crime Fiction
Romantic Love Power Mystery Liberty Life Orphans Disaster

This is a fast-paced mystery, set in New York City, has two or three really interesting ("round") characters, a solid plot, no cheap plot-twists, two full-fledged sub/urban battles and some real surprises. Winifred Bartlett, a beautiful and poor orp...

The Late Tenant Cover image

The Late Tenant

Crime Novel
Mystery Adventure Romance Thriller Suspense Human Nature Secret Intriguing

In the peaceful English countryside lies a house with a dark secret—a mystery waiting to be unraveled. Enter "The Late Tenant" by Louis Tracy, a gripping mystery novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the very first page. When John Hi...

The Strange Case of Mortimer Fenley Cover image

The Strange Case of Mortimer Fenley

Crime Fiction Novel
Mystery Suspense Disappearance Desire London Ambition Case Secret Twists Complex Intriguing Hidden Motives

Step into the enigmatic world of "The Strange Case of Mortimer Fenley" by Louis Tracy, where a web of mystery and intrigue awaits. In the heart of London, the disappearance of the affluent and influential Mortimer Fenley sends shockwaves through soci...

The de Bercy Affair Cover image

The de Bercy Affair

Fiction Novel
Fear Death Deception Life Illusions Revelation Secret

In the heart of London's high society, a shocking murder disrupts the tranquil lives of the elite. The victim, the enigmatic and wealthy de Bercy, is found lifeless in his opulent mansion, leaving a trail of bewildering clues and baffled suspects. E...

Mysterious Disappearance Cover image

Mysterious Disappearance

Lady Dyke disappears mysteriously, and barrister and hobby detective Claude Bruce appears to be one of the last persons to have seen her. A short time later a dead body is found in the river, and Bruce follows the trails. Who is Sydney H. Corbett? Wh...

Silent Barrier Cover image

Silent Barrier

Charles K. Spencer is a well-to-do young American mining engineer. Drinking his water in a hotel in London one day, he overhears a conversation between two young women, one of whom is to go to Switzerland. He decides to play "fairy godfather" and sen...

Albert Gate Mystery Cover image

Albert Gate Mystery

A new case for barrister and hobby detective Reginald Brett: The imperial diamonds were sent by the Sultan to London, to be cut in Albert Gate mansion by experts, all the while under the especial protection of the British government. One morning, how...

Stowmarket Mystery, or, a Legacy of Hate Cover image

Stowmarket Mystery, or, a Legacy of Hate

Another case for Reginald Brett, barrister and hobby detective: David Hume-Frazer is in some trouble. He was the prime suspect in the murder case of his cousin, Alan. Though he was never convicted, suspicion clings to him, and he wishes his name to b...

Postmaster's Daughter Cover image

Postmaster's Daughter

A charming mystery story set in the early 1900s which is as much about the townspeople, sleuths and other colorful characters as it is about the murder. Filled with comic antics of Scotland Yard fellows, local police, and residents of the town, keeps...

"Mind The Paint" Girl Cover image

"Mind The Paint" Girl

"The "Mind The Paint" Girl, by Louis Tracy, is a delightful novelization of Sir Arthur Pinero's sparkling comedy now having a successful New York run.... Mr. Tracy has caught the very spirit of the drama and has told its story with much of the same v...

Number Seventeen Cover image

Number Seventeen

The number Seventeen refers (at first) to the London apartment of a young widow who is strangled (off-scene) at the beginning of the book. Her neighbor, novelist Frank Theydon, joins with millionaire-philanthropist James Forbes to bring the murderer...