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Robert Young

Biblical Scholar


Lifetime: 1822 - 1888 Passed: ≈ 134 years ago

Robert Young, LL.D was a Scottish publisher who was self-taught and proficient in various Oriental languages. He published several works, the best known being a Bible translation, commonly referred to as Young's Literal Translation, and his Bible concordance, The Analytical Concordance to the Bible.


Robert Young was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, the son of John Young a book-binder on Parliament Square on the Royal Mile. He served an apprenticeship in printing and simultaneously taught himself various oriental languages. He eventually joined the Free Church, and in 1847 he started his own business of printing and selling books, particularly of works related to Old Testament studies, with a shop at 5 North Bank Street off the Royal Mile.


For three years he was connected with Thomas Chalmers's Territorial church sabbath school in the West Port, Edinburgh. From 1856 to 1861 he was literary missionary and superintendent of the mission press at Surat; and during this time he added Gujarati to his acquirements. From 1864 to 1874 he conducted the ‘Missionary Institute;’ in 1867 he visited cities in the United States. In 1871 he was an unsuccessful candidate for the Hebrew chair at the University of St Andrews. Most of his life was passed in Edinburgh, where he died at home, 14 Grange Terrace, on 14 October 1888.


He was married to Margaret Turnbull (1823-1887). They had three sons and four daughters.


He is buried in the north-east section of the Grange Cemetery.

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