Book Cover of Bible (YLT) 28: Hosea

The Bible, Young's Literal Translation (YLT), New Testament

by Robert Young

This Bible version tries to stay as close to the original Hebrew and Greek texts as possible. As stated in the preface to the second edition, "If a translation gives a present tense when the original gives a past, or a past when it has a present; a perfect for a future, or a future for a perfect; an a for a the, or a the for an a; an imperative for a subjunctive, or a subjunctive for an imperative; a verb for a noun, or a noun for a verb, it is clear that verbal inspiration is as much overlooked as if it had no existence. THE WORD OF GOD IS MADE VOID BY THE TRADITIONS OF MEN." The Gospel of Matthew relates the life and Ministry of Jesus, with a focus on Jesus' deity and fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies.

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Robert Young, LL.D was a Scottish publisher who was self-taught and proficient in various Oriental languages. He published several works, the best known being a Bible translation, commonly referred to...

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