Book Cover of A Defence of Idealism

A Defence of Idealism

by May Sinclair

"On the whole, then, the argument from desire and design holds good. It is the weak and inefficient, the unwise in the affairs of life, the bunglers and the failures, the bankrupts and the unhappy lovers who most want to leave off living. Think of the number of suicides that occur every year through bankruptcy and unhappy love alone. Count in the suicides through poverty, and remember that these are all people whose vitality has been lowered by worry and frustrated passion and starvation, and that their aim is to end life, and not to obtain it more abundantly".


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May Sinclair

United Kingdom

May Sinclair was the pseudonym of Mary Amelia St. Clair a popular British writer who wrote about two dozen novels, short stories and poetry. She was an active suffragist, and member of the Woman Write...

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