Audiobook of Baseball Joe at Yale

Baseball Joe at Yale

by Lester Chadwick

Baseball Joe, the star player from high school, is now at Yale University, where he faces new challenges on and off the field. Baseball Joe at Yale is a classic children's book by Lester Chadwick, first published in 1913. It is the seventh book in the Baseball Joe series, and it follows Joe as he enrolls at Yale University and joins the baseball team. Joe is determined to make the varsity team, but he faces stiff competition from the other players. He also has to adjust to the demands of college life, such as studying and attending classes. Despite the challenges, Joe perseveres and makes the varsity team. He quickly becomes one of the team's best players, and he helps them to win several important games.

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Lester Chadwick

United States

Lester Chadwick was an American author who was born in 1893 and died in 1954. He was a prolific writer, producing over thirty novels during his career, many of which were popular in their time. Cha...

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