Audiobook of Cowboy Life on the Sidetrack

Cowboy Life on the Sidetrack

by Frank Benton

What's it really like to be a cowboy? Benton's book begins with his own story of how he became a cowboy. He then goes on to describe the different aspects of cowboy life, including herding cattle, branding, and riding. He also shares stories about his fellow cowboys and the people he met along the way. In Cowboy Life on the Sidetrack, Frank Benton gives readers a firsthand account of the life of a cowboy in the late 19th century. Benton was a cowboy himself, and his book is full of humor, insights, and stories about the challenges and rewards of working on the cattle range.

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Frank Benton

United States

Frank Benton (July 5, 1852 – February 28, 1919) was an American entomologist, researcher, beekeeping innovator, and author. He is best known for his work on the honey bee and his invention of the Bent...

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