Audiobook of Flower-Patch Among the Hills

Flower-Patch Among the Hills

by Flora Klickmann

Tucked away in the hills of the Wye Valley, there is a little flower-patch where anything is possible. "Flower-Patch Among the Hills" is a collection of stories and poems by Flora Klickmann, set in the Wye Valley. The stories are about children who love nature and who have adventures in the woods, fields, and streams. The poems are about the beauty of nature and the importance of imagination. "Flower-Patch Among the Hills" is a book for children of all ages who love nature and who enjoy reading stories and poems.

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Flora Klickmann (26 January 1867 – 20 November 1958) was an English journalist, author, and editor. She was the second editor of the Girl's Own Paper, but became best known for her Flower-Patch series...

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