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For Greater Things: The Story of Saint Stanislaus Kostka

By: William T. Kane

Short, sweet and inspiring story of a holy young man who lived here on earth but for God.

Saint Stanislaus Kostka was a 16th century Polish novice in the Society of Jesus. Polish nobleman John Kostka was not pleased with the spiritual inclinations of his second son. He did all he could to discourage Stanislaus’s desire for Christian service. Paul, a brother two years older than Stanslaus, bullied him and tried to lure him into more worldly pursuits. Stanislaus was determined to join the Society of Jesus. To demonstrate his determination, Stanislaus walked the long and dangerous 350 miles from Vienna to Rome. He made the trip alone depending on the charity of others and there was accepted into the Society of Jesus as a novice on his 17th birthday. During his short time as a novice his religious fervor and piety were amazing. He was beatification in 1605; and he canonized on 31 December 1726.

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