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Susan B. Anthony: Rebel, Crusader, Humanitarian

By: Alma Lutz

An in-depth narrative of Susan B Anthony's life from a small girl to old age. It covers historic events throughout her lifetime. Including the election and assassination of President Lincoln; the start and end of the American Civil War, as well as emancipation and abolition of slavery.

Alma Lutz's outstanding biography of Susan B. Anthony is revered for its descriptive power, attention to detail and historical significance to the women's Suffragette movement.

She wasn't just a campaigner for votes for women. She was also passionate and heavily involved with civil rights, equality, and freedom for all. Always at the forefront of activities to bring women's suffrage to the attention of the masses, she was also a fervent supporter of the abolition movement. Although she met with resistance, ridicule, contempt, and pure hatred from many, she never stopped fighting for the day when women would have the vote.

A must-read for anyone interested in women's suffrage or American history from the 1800s. It's an eye-opener. Giving links to historical events that happened at the same time. It's like putting history back into context.

An unassuming yet remarkable woman. She had a long, full life and this book covers it all!


Alma Lutz

United States

Alma Lutz was an American feminist and activist for equal rights and woman suffrage. She was also the biographer of key women in the women's rights movement.   Alma Lutz was born in Jamestown, No...

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