Book Cover of Genetic Studies of Genius, Volume 1: Mental and Physical Traits of a Thousand Gifted Children

Genetic Studies of Genius, Volume 1: Mental and Physical Traits of a Thousand Gifted Children

by Lewis Terman

It is a detailed study of the characteristics and traits of 1,000 intellectually gifted children, known as the "Termites," whom Terman had been following since the early 1920s. In this book, Terman presents his findings on the physical, mental, and social development of the Termites, including their intelligence, personality traits, physical health, and educational achievement. Terman also discusses the role of heredity and environment in shaping giftedness and intelligence, and addresses criticisms of his work, particularly regarding the inclusion of biased and discriminatory factors in his selection of the Termites. "Genetic Studies of Genius" is a landmark work in the field of intelligence research, and has had a significant impact on the study of giftedness and talent. It is also notable for its use of longitudinal data, which allowed Terman to study the development of the Termites over time, and for its pioneering use of statistical methods in psychology. Today, "Genetic Studies of Genius" is still widely read and cited by researchers in the fields of psychology, education, and genetics. The book remains relevant for its insights into the development of giftedness, the interplay of heredity and environment, and the potential of intelligence testing to shape educational policy and practice. It is a must-read for anyone interested in the history of intelligence research and the study of giftedness.

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Lewis Terman

United States

Lewis Madison Terman (1877-1956) was a renowned American psychologist and educational researcher, best known for his pioneering work in intelligence testing and for his influential studies of gifte...

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