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Mark Twain: His Life and Work

By: William M. Clemens

It is an interesting and funny biography on Samuel Langhorne Clemens (otherwise known as Mark Twain). He became stronger while he grew up as he was always going adventures with his best friends. Living right by the Mississippi River, he became interested in steamboats and going new places. He even wanted to be a steamboat captain and was very close to that, but he had to work in his brother Orion's printing shop after their dad died.

As far as anyone has been able to establish, Will Clemens was NOT related to Sam Clemens (Mark Twain), though they did become acquaintances. The 200-page biography Will Clemens wrote and published himself may have been the earliest full-length study of MT. It was published July 1,1892 as "No. 1" in a paperback series called "The Pacific Library," price 25¢, and did well enough to be republished in 1894 by a publisher in Chicago. Throughout the book Clemens relies mainly on other writers' previously published work.

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