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Molly Make-Believe

By: Eleanor Hallowell Abbott

Charmingly romantic story of an invalid, left to solitary recuperation, who subscribes to a letter service to keep his spirits up. The characters here are much more fully drawn than Abbott's typical archetypes.

Carl Stanton is an invalid suffering from an unusual bout of rheumatism. His fiancee is gone for the winter and though he begs her to write to help ease his boredom and pain she is stingy with her letters. She sends him what she calls a 'ridiculous circular' which she states is very apropos of his sentimental passion for letters. In a sudden fit of mischief, malice and rheumatism, Carl decides to respond to the circular which results in bringing about the necessary distraction in a flurry of letters that do ease Carl's boredom and pain but also bring him something else that he never quite expected.

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Eleanor Hallowell Abbott was a nationally recognized American author. She was a frequent contributor to The Ladies' Home Journal.   Eleanor Hallowell Abbott was born on September 22, 1872, in Cam...

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