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The Type-Writer Girl

By: Grant Allen

This book tells the story of Juliet Appleton. Juliet is a well-read young woman who becomes a type-writer girl when her father passes away. She loves greek lit, big words, anarchists, smoking, her bicycle, and her dog. A Howard Zinn precursor, her motto is: Be audacious! Be audacious! Be audacious! And she is, even though she finds herself in a plot as familiar and as enjoyable as any Jane Austen novel. But don't expect a Jane Austen ending. This is romance and morality for older folk.

"There is no more pathetic figure in our world to-day than the common figure of the poor young lady, crushed between classes above and below, and left with scarce a chance of earning her bread with decency." So says Juliet Appleton’s boss, encouraging her to put her story into print. How will this college-educated 23-year-old survive the Darwinian Battle of Life in late Victorian England? She’s fundless in London but armed, by way of adaptive structures, with those two high-tech devices of the day: a bicycle for mobility and a typewriter for utility.

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Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen was a Canadian science writer and novelist, educated in England. He was a public promoter of evolution in the second half of the nineteenth cen...

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