Audiobook of The Camp Fire Girls at Sunrise Hill

The Camp Fire Girls at Sunrise Hill

by Margaret Vandercook

The Camp Fire Girls find themselves embarking on an unforgettable journey filled with mystery, friendship, and the thrill of the unknown. The story begins with a captivating discovery—a hidden treasure map that promises unimaginable riches. As curiosity ignites their spirits, the girls set out on a quest that takes them deep into the heart of Sunrise Hill. At Sunrise Hill, the girls encounter a series of puzzling riddles and daunting challenges that test their courage and resourcefulness. United by their shared determination, they overcome each obstacle, relying on their individual strengths and the bonds they have formed. Along the way, they develop lifelong friendships and learn the true meaning of teamwork. As the Camp Fire Girls unravel the secrets of Sunrise Hill, they uncover a rich history and an unexpected connection to the past. With every step they take, the mystery deepens, drawing them closer to the ultimate prize—but also putting them at risk of danger. As they navigate treacherous terrain and encounter unforeseen adversaries, the girls must rely on their wit and bravery to secure both the treasure and their own safety. "The Camp Fire Girls at Sunrise Hill" is a captivating tale that combines adventure, suspense, and the timeless values of friendship and perseverance. Join the Camp Fire Girls as they unravel the enigma of Sunrise Hill and discover that the greatest treasure of all may be the bonds they forge along the way.

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Margaret Vandercook

United States

Margaret O'Bannon Womack Vandercook was an American writer of children's literature. Daughter of Joel Mayo Womack and Nannie Gibson (O'Bannon) Womack, she was born in Louisville, Kentucky, where she a...

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