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The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution

By: William Cooper Nell

This is a the true story’s of real Americans overcoming with respect hard work and most of all a hope in jesus, As an American I can see the heart of these people, in a time in our country were people are rioting and knelling before the flag, if this generation of Americans could come to this day and age, they would truly be ashamed, they are rejected in slaved and yet they always press forward to the betterment of our country, they didn’t want to be seen as African Americans or as black men, but wanted to be seen as Americans, in our time it’s all about identity, back then it was all about sameness, these first Americans were respectful and out of nothing became so much.

A study of the black patriots of the American Revolution, with introductions by Harriet Beecher Stowe and Wendell Phillips.


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William Cooper Nell

United States

William Cooper Nell was an African-American abolitionist, journalist, publisher, author, and civil servant of Boston, Massachusetts, who worked for the integration of schools and public facilities in...

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