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The Conflict

by Friedrich Schiller

The play tells the story of a struggle for power and freedom between two men, the tyrannical Duke Charles and the idealistic Count von Moor. Written in 1782, "The Conflict" was one of Schiller's early works and is widely regarded as a masterpiece of German literature. The play explores themes of morality, politics, and the struggle for freedom, and it is known for its vivid and powerful language. The central conflict of the play is between the two main characters, Duke Charles and Count von Moor. Duke Charles is a ruthless and oppressive ruler who seeks to maintain his power at all costs, while Count von Moor is a principled and idealistic man who believes in the rights of the people and the importance of freedom. As the play unfolds, the two men engage in a battle of wills that has far-reaching consequences for themselves and for the people of their country. In addition to its gripping story and powerful characters, "The Conflict" is notable for its use of language and imagery. Schiller was a master of language, and his writing is known for its vivid descriptions and poetic beauty. The play is also notable for its exploration of complex themes and ideas, and it has been the subject of much critical analysis and interpretation over the years. Overall, "The Conflict" is an important and influential work of German literature that has been praised for its powerful storytelling, vivid language, and exploration of important themes and ideas. It remains a popular and widely studied work today, and it is a testament to the enduring legacy of Friedrich Schiller as a writer and thinker.

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Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller was a German playwright, poet, and philosopher. During the last seventeen years of his life (1788–1805), Schiller developed a productive, if complicated,...

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